Tips to Discourage Burglars from Breaking Into Your Home

Our homes hold various valuables such as jewelry, electronics and document among others. These valuables are costly and replacing them will cost a fortune. Even though some of them have been insured, it is difficult to have exactly the same as what has been stolen. Most of the valuables have taken years to accumulate and protection must be provided to ensure they can continue existing within the family. Home security systems, home alarm systems and home security camera systems are some of the ways of providing protection to your home. With these systems, you can get to perform home security monitoring while away.

Burglars can be anybody for example your relatives, your neighbors, strangers or even friends. All a burglar needs in order to steal is the greed of possessing a valuable item from your home. Burglars take time to scout in order to learn what you have in possession and also learn your day to day activities. With the necessary information, the can finally strike to steal your valuables.

With the tips below, you can prevent burglars from gaining entry into your home.

Don’t show off

Most home owners work hard at the office or business in order to provide their families with basic needs such as food, clothing and a home. As you continue working, you get promoted due to the good work you are performing at the company. With a promotion, comes a raise in your salary.

A raise will enable you to purchase luxurious items such as a big flat screen TV, a new car, bicycles for your children, expensive clothes for your family and vacation to exotic places. Jealousy is in each and every human being but the degree varies.

If you show off your new items to your neighbors or friends, they might be tempted to steal from you if they don’t have their own. In order to prevent burglars from intruding in your home, you need to stop showing off. Do not leave the new bikes outside for all to see, don’t leave the big flat screen TV empty carton outside for all to see or discuss how much you currently earn.

Prevention is always better than a cure.

Trick the thieves

Burglars attack homes that they are sure no one is home. They survey first to ensure the porch light is off, no TV light flickering inside and no car on the driveway among others.

Today, home owners can be able to trick burglars by using simple tricks and dummy gadgets. When you leave for work or vacation, you can leave the lights on the porch or the backyard on during the day. If it is at night you can purchase a fake TV light emitter. This electronic device can mimic all the activities that a normal flat screen TV does when one is watching a movie or TV show. All you need to do is purchase the device and switch it on.

Another way to trick burglars is to put up stickers around the compound indicating the home is under surveillance or a dog is within the house. Anyone who sees the signs will have fear and will not attempt to break into the house.

Prepare well before traveling for business or vacation

Burglars survey neighborhoods looking for homes where owners have traveled (much like in Home Alone 1). When you are present, mail and newspapers are delivered at your home and collected from time to time. This results in an empty mailbox or porch free of newspapers and parcels.

When you are preparing to go on vacation, it is important to contact your mailman and newspaper delivery boy and ask them to reschedule delivery until at a later date. If this plan fails, you can request a trusted neighbor, friend or even relative to be collecting any mail and newspapers delivered daily.

This is to remove the impression that no one is at home especially when burglars are doing their random surveys.

Another trick is to leave a car on the driveway as an indication that someone is at home. To eliminate dust accumulating on the car, you can leave the car keys with a trusted neighbor or friend who can always drive it either to work or shopping.

This will help create an impression that the owners are around. You can leave your house keys to a trusted relative who can live in the home while you are away.

If you are traveling away during the winter, you can leave keys to your home to a trusted relative or friend or ask a neighbor to shovel the snow away from your driveway. A driveway that is not shoveled for a long duration will lead to accumulation of snow which will be an indicator that the owners are not home.

Taking Time To COMPARE medical alert systems

When you are wanting to make sure that your family has some help if they ever need it, then the best option available is to compare medical alert systems. When you take the time to compare medical alert systems, then you can look at all of the different options that there are available for you. You would not want to make a mistake and go with one that is not going to be a good choice for you, that is why it is important to go with something that will work and has proven to work.

Take the time to look through reviews and see what other people have said, compare the options that are out there for you and you will be able to see which one can meet your needs in the best way possible. Make sure that you have a great system looking after your loved ones so that you can sleep peacefully knowing they will be protected if they need it.